About our company

Limited Liability Company ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ was founded in 1991, it’s based on the scientific and research department Thermo distillation and heat transfer enhancement of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", which has by that time 25 years of experience in the field of research, creation and installation of high-performance systems for the desalination of sea water, the regeneration of water from the sludge in spacecrafts, condensers and evaporative refrigerating equipment.

Since 1997 year ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ company develops and puts into practice reverse osmosis and electrodeionization purification systems and desalination of water, this equipment for various industries based on cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers.

Since 2000 year ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ company began to develop and realize technology of production purified water and water for injection to pharmaceuticals. Currently, the company has a leader position in the market of Ukraine in the field of water treatment for (bio) pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ also has a huge experience in receiving of water for various qualities with application of conventional and advanced water treatment technologies (softening, iron removal, leaching, disinfection, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, etc.) for various industries.

LLC ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ is a member of the International Association on Water Quality (Water Quality Association), which combining the world's leading companies in the field of water treatment; it is representative of the International Society of Aviation and space technology (SAE).

In 2010 year the company ‘‘Thermodistillation RV’’ received ISO 9001 quality certificate.

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